Contact: Mary Liu
San Francisco
Hotel Nikko
Anzu Restaurant, (located on 2nd Floor)
222 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
United States of America

Janet KesslerJanet Kessler presents the Citizen Coyotes of San Francisco. Known throughout San Francisco as “the Coyote Lady”, she is a self-taught naturalist who is into her 15th year of daily field research, documenting our urban coyote behavior and family life and including their behavior at encounters with people and pets. Janet has been called a “pioneer in the photo documentation of the lives of urban coyotes, capturing the intimate lives” of these animals. 

More recently she has delved into their population dynamics, mapping their territories and some of their dispersals here in San Francisco without the use of tags or radio collars. She is able to do this through facial recognition of each coyote — she’s likely the only person who knows just about all of the coyotes here in San Francisco individually, their families, and the extent of each of their territories.  She is using DNA from scat, which is being analyzed by Dr. Benjamin Sacks’ lab at UC Davis, to confirm her findings and the origin of this population. 

Janet shares guidelines and observations through published articles, videos, posters, exhibits, flyers, presentations, and talks with walkers and their dogs in the parks. She is combating and correcting the negative perception of coyotes spread through rumors and social media. She is a co-founder of, creator of the acclaimed educational video “Coyotes As Neighbors”, and she maintains a blog about urban coyote life and issues in San Francisco,

Janet has a degree in Cultural Anthropology and a Masters in Art History from the University of Texas at Austin. She was born in South America and spent her childhood there. She has worked at Vorpal Gallery, at U.S.News & World Report, and at several law offices; she enjoyed being a 100% mom and playing her pedal harp. It was after a finger was nearly sliced off -- which put an end to harp playing for a while -- that she met her first coyote on Twin Peaks. Her enchantment with these critters has never abated.

This is a regular membership meeting of the Rotary Club of San Francisco, open to all Rotarians, visiting Rotarians, prospective members, and guests.

Meeting Schedule:

12:00 Noon  Registration & Networking
12:15 PM (sharp!)  Meeting begins 
1:30 PM  Meeting adjourns


A three-course lunch will be served. If you require a vegetarian, gluten free, or vegan lunch, please email President Mary.

For Club members and visitors, there is a $45 charge for in-person attendance (which covers the cost of your lunch). NOTE: If you present a prepaid Hotel Nikko luncheon ticket at the door, there is no other charge. For those who wish to participate via Zoom, there is a $10 fee to attend.

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For in-person attendees: Please note that once President Mary provides the headcount to the Hotel Nikko on the Friday before our Tuesday meeting, we will be billed for that count regardless of whether you show or not. Therefore, it is important to let her know if you are unable to attend after registering, but no later than Sunday night. If you are a no-show without notifying her ahead of time, the Club will be billed the cost of the meal and will have to pass the cost down to you. We hope to not have to do this.

Parking: If you are driving to the Hotel Nikko for this meeting, please leave your car with the Hotel Nikko valet. Pick up a validation sticker available at our check-in table. The discounted parking is $17.50 for three hours.

Proof of Vaccination Required

To maximize the health and safety of Rotarians, guests, speakers, and the staff at the Hotel Nikko (where we meet), all in-person attendees must provide proof of vaccination. Masks are optional during the event. We recommend that fully vaccinated individuals wear masks when the risk may be high.