December 3
   Kat Ebanks
December 5
   Laura Burrus, Benjamin Lam
December 6
   Casey Blair
December 7
   Eric Schmautz
December 11
   Jianying (James) Chen
December 12
   John Hoch, Audrey McKeague
December 13
   Sacha Shashi
December 14
   Valentina Sacchi Beccarini
December 16
   Phyllis Nusz
December 22
   Sunny Singh
December 26
   Steven Minchen
Note: This birthday list is based on membership information in ClubRunner. Please update your ClubRunner account to help us keep this information current. If you need help with ClubRunner, please contact our current newsletter editor.
1993: Fred Marschner
1995: Benjamin Lam
1996: Jim Kennedy
1997: Andi Valo-Espina
1999: Eric Schmautz
2000: Cecile Chiquette
2008: Emily Borland
2016: Dora Dye
2017: Bob Hermann, Jane Mermelstein
2018: Kat Ebanks
2019: Valentina Sacchi Beccarini, Ed Shenkan, Tricia Tran
2020: Dan Davies
Note:  The year listed above is when these members joined the Rotary Club of San Francisco. Happy anniversary to all!