San Francisco Rotary Foundation
The Rotary Club of San Francisco, entrusted with many bequests over the long years of its history, created The San Francisco Rotary Foundation in 1959. Today, the San Francisco Rotary Foundation’s endowment of more than $5 million serves as the financial bedrock for the many service projects of the Rotary Club of San Francisco.
Our service projects usually come under the seven Areas of Focus identified by Rotary International:
  1. Promoting peace.
  2. Fighting disease.
  3. Providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene.
  4. Saving mothers and children.
  5. Supporting education.
  6. Growing local economies.
  7. Supporting the environment.
The San Francisco Rotary Foundation supports the programs that our Club members care about and guarantees that these two primary hallmarks of a successful project are met:
  • Providing opportunities for hands-on service for our members.
  • Assuring that our dollars make a difference.
  • Bringing publicity to the Rotary Club of San Francisco.
The San Francisco Rotary Foundation encourages Club members to recommend specific ways we can help our neighbors both near and far, and amplifies our impact by partnering with other Rotary Clubs around the world.
The selfless support of Club members and friends helps the Foundation thrive through both smooth and challenging economic times. Your generosity has made the San Francisco Rotary Foundation a major force for good across the globe. You can see more information about the projects the San Francisco Rotary Foundation currently supports here. The Foundation also serves as trustee for more than $500,000 distributed to the University of San Francisco pursuant to a trust established by the late Club member, Scharleen Colant.
Your gift to The San Francisco Rotary Foundation, whether as an immediate gift or through your estate plan, continues a tradition of helping build peace in the world through good works that began more than 60 years ago. Support the San Francisco Rotary Foundation by making a donation now to the 50/50 Campaign: Changing Lives Near and Far.
You can also leave a legacy gift in your estate plan to help secure the San Francisco Rotary Foundation well into the future. The simplest way to do this is to leave a bequest in your trust or will – either a specific cash amount or a percentage of your estate. Contact any officer of the San Francisco Rotary Foundation for information about how to properly reference the San Francisco Rotary Foundation in your estate planning documents.
The San Francisco Rotary Foundation is committed to the support of effective programs that make a lasting difference in people’s lives – and that include hands-on work from our Club members.
If you wish, you can earmark your gift of $25,000 or more for a specific purpose or program. Earmarked gifts are carefully stewarded to provide earnings for the program of your choice in perpetuity.
Supporting the San Francisco Rotary Foundation strengthens our programs today – and secures them for tomorrow so that future generations can benefit from the vital services our Club provides.
Thank you for your support of Rotary and of the San Francisco Rotary Foundation.