Posted by Jim Patrick on Feb 01, 2023
Invitation: Everyone is invited along with their families and guests to a big, free SUPER BOWL PARTY on February 12, 2023 starting at 3 PM. Doors will open at 2:45 PM and kick off will be at 3:20 PM.
You are also invited to play the 2023 SUPER BOWL POOL. See details below, and contact Jim Patrick by February 10, 2023 to purchase your square(s). 

Registration and Potluck: Please register here so that we know how many are coming and so that our Social Chair Alisha Marfatia can contact you about the potluck. For the potluck we ask that you bring a dish for 10 to share with the group. Soft drinks and wine will be provided at no cost to you. 

Location: We will meet at the Academy of Art Automobile Museum, 1849 Washington Street (corner of Washington Street and Van Ness Avenue), San Francisco, CA 94109. If you are driving, there should be ample street parking on a Sunday.
Super Bowl Pool: We had planned to celebrate a 49ers’ Victory. Since that is not going to happen, we are lowering the cost of the square contribution. We are hoping for a $500 contribution from each Club Member to be split evenly between The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International and the San Francisco Rotary Foundation. Below are the dollar amounts and the number of squares:
  • You will receive 8 squares for that $500 contribution; that is, eight chances to win in the Pool.
  • You may also donate $250 for 3 squares.
  • If you donate $100, you will receive 1 square.
How the Super Bowl Pool Works
The Super Bowl Pool consists of a board with 100 squares: 10 across for the NFC team and 10 down for the AFC team, with the numbers from 0 through 9 randomly assigned across the columns and down the rows. You enter the Pool by making a donation of one of the amounts listed above. You may donate as often as you like, and your name will be randomly placed in each square purchased.
Winners are identified by the score at the end of each quarter of the Super Bowl on February 12 by matching the last digits of the scores with the appropriate numbers on the Super Bowl Pool board. Everyone whose name is in a winning square receives a Paul Harris Fellowship plus some other surprises. The more squares with your name, the better the odds.
All squares must be purchased by 5 PM on February 10, 2023 by contacting Jim Patrick. You will be billed by our Club for the number of squares purchased.
Join us: Come and enjoy the party, the food, the friendship, the advertisements, the half-time show, and by the way, the game. There is no cost for the party other than a smile.
The Super Bowl Pool is open to all - even those not able to attend the Super Bowl Party. There is no obligation to play the Pool, but we hope that you will participate in this worthwhile cause.