Posted by Todd St Vrain on Aug 03, 2023
130 new campers, 20 student alumni, and 30 adult volunteer staff took part in this year’s Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA) Camp, held from July 31 to August 4. It was a transformative and joyful week. A story about the RYLA experience will be published in the near future. For now, we’d like to recognize and express our gratitude to the following members of our Club who led and served the 2023 RYLA Camp: 
  • Lynn Luckow, RYLA Camp Director, for his vision and countless hours over the past year. 
  • David Dye, RYLA Planning Committee Member, for serving as treasurer and RYLA Camp session speaker. David and his wife, Dora Dye, shopped for camp snacks and assembled the RYLA bead necklace for all campers, facilitators, alumni, and administrative staff.
  • Todd St Vrain, RYLA Recruitment Chair, for serving as facilitator and RYLA Camp session speaker.
  • Steve Lindstrom, RYLA Planning Committee Member, for maintaining the RYLA website and serving as an administrator.
  • Mary Liu, Bob Hermann, Lisa Christian, and Margaret Miley for serving as RYLA Camp facilitators.
  • Jim Patrick, Dan Joraanstad, Bridget Mahoney, Angelina Preza, and Frank Yoke for helping with RYLA bus drop-off or pick-up duties in San Francisco.
Thank you also to the following members of our Club who journeyed down to the camp near Santa Cruz to join us for the Thursday, August 3 Visitors' Lunch and to experience a bit of RYLA: District Governor Laine Hendricks, President Sunny Singh, Past President JT Forbus, Dan Joraanstad, Alisha Marfatia, and Frank Yoke.
The Rotary Club of San Francisco is the principal sponsor of RYLA 5150. Thank you to all of our members for their generous support of RYLA!
(seated l to r): Dora Dye, Bob Hermann, President Sunny Singh, and Lynn Luckow
(standing l to r): David Dye, Margaret Miley, Mary Liu, Lisa Christian, and Todd St Vrain
(front row): President Sunny Singh, District Governor Laine Hendricks, and Mary Liu
(back row): Alisha Marfatia, JT Forbus, and Lisa Christian