Posted by Daniel Joraanstad on Feb 08, 2024
On January 30, 2024, the Membership Committee hosted the First Quarter’s “Welcome to the Club Party.” Margaret Miley, Vice President of Membership, orchestrated a successful event with about 35 attendees, including new members since July 2023 and 10 prospective members exploring our Club's values and opportunities and meeting some of the Club’s leadership.
The evening featured light appetizers and wine, fostering networking and connections in the charming office of Lynn Luckow. A small group exercise added a creative touch, encouraging participants to discuss past and desired projects. The ideas generated were both innovative and stimulating.
As Rotary continues to grow and evolve, events like the “Welcome to the Club” party play a crucial role in fostering community spirit and expanding the organization’s reach. We encourage each Club member to take an active role in membership growth by inviting a friend or business associate to join us at a future gathering. Membership is the responsibility of every member of the Club, and your outreach can contribute to the continued success of Rotary in our community.