Posted by Carrie Condran LaBriola on Sep 06, 2020
Sunny Singh joined the Rotary Club of San Francisco in 2017 on the recommendation of an older work colleague who advised him “to surround myself with successful and well-rounded people.”
“I enjoy the aspect that we have so many members involved in long-lasting nonprofit projects,” he says. “That makes it easier to get involved in projects that the Club is already doing. There are so many projects in different categories, so it’s easy to find something you’re passionate about.” And he jumped right in, volunteering for such Club projects as the Bike Build, Alzheimer’s Walk, stuffing diaper bags for the Homeless Prenatal Program, and attending several Club social events. On July 1, he joined the Club Board as Vice President of Vocational Service, replacing Mary Liu, who became President-Elect.
Born in Delhi, Sunny moved to Hayward at the age of nine, graduating from James Logan High School in Union City, then worked as a banker for Wells Fargo while majoring in finance at California State University East Bay. After graduation, he worked for a year as a financial adviser at JP Morgan, then went back to Wells Fargo in a similar role. He left Wells Fargo last year and joined Wedbush Securities. Just before publication of this story, Sunny started his own own firm as an independent advisor. The name of his firm is PK Wealth Management, and he will focus on financial planning and portfolio management. He is single and lives in Lower Nob Hill.

Sunny enjoys bike riding on trails at Land’s End, across the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin, and around his parents’ home in Livermore. “I also love to barbeque and grill and go to sporting events, mostly 49ers games. I will definitely miss tailgating.” And he loves to travel, pre-COVID taking at least two big trips a year to destinations like India, Australia, Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, Spain, the Netherlands, and France. 

He credits Mary with reactivating the Vocational Service Committee and hopes to build on that base. He plans to coordinate with other committees, such as Membership, using business networking to promote retention and connecting with new members about their social service interests. He is especially interested in recruiting recent Rotaract graduates into the Club and finding people committed to the Club’s youth leadership agenda.

“I want to make sure that members bring their skill sets to various projects,” Sunny says, “and that we’re networking for business as well.” To that end, he plans to do a talent survey “to find out what people are passionate about and guide them to a good match.”

“I’m looking for more members to join the committee,” he says. “Mary brought back the committee, and I want to build on that to get dedicated committee members, so if you’re interested, contact me.”