July 2
   John Mount
July 3
   Mary Liu
July 4
   Evelyn Abad and Carmel Finnerty
July 5
   Charlie Miles
July 9
   Jane Flout
July 12
   Rosemary Welde
July 14
   Nancy Graydon, Harold Hoogasian, and Brian Lan
July 16
   Esther Lerner and Wendy Ross
July 20
   Ed Shenkan
July 30
   Dora Dye
Note: This birthday list is based on membership information in ClubRunner. Please update your ClubRunner account to help us keep this information current. If you need help with ClubRunner, please contact our current newsletter editor.
1988: Harold Hoogasian
2001: Wendy Ross
2004: Robin Azevedo
2007: David Dye
2016: Kathryn McCall
2017: Ann Daugherty
2019: Paul Robertson
2021: Jenny Campbell and William Gregory
2022: Dalila Dynes and Victoria Lozano
Note:  The year listed above is when these members joined the Rotary Club of San Francisco. Happy anniversary to all!