Posted by Daniel Joraanstad on Sep 21, 2023
As members of the Rotary Club of San Francisco, we have a unique opportunity to help our Club grow. It’s exciting to help grow our Rotary family. How can you participate? It's simple – reach out to your co-workers, the merchants you do business with, your friends, and your relatives. After the many outstanding meetings, social events, and projects of the last six months, you know that we are part of something truly special. Ask your associates to join us at any of the events that we have: projects, meetings, or socials. Share these experiences with your cadre. New members bring new ideas and energy. Together, we will have more special times in helping others, making connections, and finding new friendships.
Here are some specific actions to take:
  • Share Your Rotary Stories
    • Share personal experiences from your Rotary involvement. Stories have the power to captivate and inspire, making Rotary more relatable and appealing to potential members. Easy ways to open the dialog are in a chat where people are talking about the disasters of the day. Say “I belong to Rotary where I find ways to give back. It makes me feel good to help others.”
  • Wear Your Rotary Pin
    • And when asked what you do in Rotary or what the pin is about, be ready with an answer like this one: "This is my Rotary pin from the Rotary Club of San Francisco. I am proud to wear this pin and be part of an organization that serves the community and offers opportunities where I can network with like-minded people."
  • Utilize Social Media
    • Post about Rotary events and activities on your social media profiles. Share photos, videos, and success stories. Encourage your friends and followers to attend a meeting or get involved.
  • Inform your Professional Network
    • If you're a member of professional organizations or networking groups, mention "Rotary" there. Many professionals are interested in community involvement, and Rotary can be an excellent fit. They might especially be interested in connecting with business leaders.
  • Host an Open House
    • Volunteer with Vice President of Membership Margaret Miley to organize a special Rotary Open House event where potential members can visit, meet current members, and learn about Rotary's mission and projects in a relaxed setting. This is a particularly fun assignment to take on.
  • Ask for Referrals
    • Consider asking your crew if they know someone interested in giving back to the community. Personal recommendations carry a lot of weight.
  • Highlight Rotary's Impact
    • Emphasize the tangible impact Rotary has on local and global communities. People are often drawn to organizations that make a meaningful difference. Know about our seven Areas of Focus:
      • Promoting peace.
      • Fighting disease.
      • Providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene.
      • Saving mothers and children.
      • Supporting education.
      • Growing local economies.
      • Protecting the environment.
  • Be Approachable
    • Last and most important is Approachability. Be open to questions about Rotary and be ready to provide information and answer queries. If you don't have the information, respond by saying, "I can get back to you with that information or you may visit our website at"
In closing, remember the Big Three opportunities to invite friends to:
  • Our meetings.
  • Our social events
  • Our projects.
Thank you for your commitment to Rotary, and let's work together to bring new faces and new hearts into our Rotary family. Remember: inviting someone to Rotary is not just about recruiting members; it's about sharing our passion for service and making a positive impact in the world. Your enthusiasm and personal touch can go a long way in attracting new members to our Club.