Posted by Bob Hermann on Mar 20, 2022
Neither drizzly rain nor the "It's Saturday; I want to sleep in thoughts" could keep Rotarians away from a day of service in the environment. Spirits, laughter, and motivation were high as the group quickly banded together to do some good work outdoors. Our goals were clear: go out, clear, and propagate Rotary Meadow with Yarrow seeds. Yarrow plants are flowering plants that are usually disease-free, grown to encourage butterfly gardens and to pollinate species, which we all know is good for the environment. Along the way, we did have a butterfly sighting that Dan Davies was quick to snap, and of course, the salamanders greeted those who sometimes were surprised at how agile they are. The occasional snail or banana slug was in close proximity to our work.
We learned the mottos of “Leaves of three, let them be”. (referring to poison oak) and “If it's hairy, it’s usually a berry”. (referring to raspberry/blackberry plants which are invasive and yanked out). We tackled invasive species with aplomb and with just as much vigor as with the spreading of Yarrow seeds. As Ildiko Polony, the executive director of Sutro Stewards, stated, "It’s like the domino effect; native species help to attract the good insects and bugs like ladybugs in doing good for the environment as well as provide respite for wildlife."
Sutro Stewards provided a welcome meal of pizza and beverages at the end of the event. This was indeed a wonderful event and service project. In the year ahead, our Club hopes to support Sutro Stewards even more at Rotary Meadow.
Volunteering from the Rotary Club of San Francisco were Bob Hermann, Christopher Wiseman, Dan Davies, Csongor Czezar, and Hiroe Kobayashi. Joining them from Sutro Stewards were Ildiko Polony, Kelly Dodge, Abbi Alfonso, and two others.