Posted by Christopher Wiseman on Jul 11, 2022
At the June 2022 Board meeting, the 2021-2022 Board unanimously approved an increase in the membership dues by $100 for all levels. Our Club's dues have not gone up in over a decade. Increasing the cost of membership was extensively discussed in the previous year, but taking action could no longer be avoided. This increase will allow our Club to continue to have a balanced budget in the 2022-2023 Rotary year and in years to come.
Below is a table showing the increases for annual dues effective July 1, 2022.
Membership Level
Young Professional (under the age of 40)
Individual (age 40 and over)
Partner/spouse of a young professional or an individual
Nonprofit Corporation
For-profit Corporation
Membership Benefits:  All Club members are automatically members of Rotary District 5150, Rotary Zones 26 and 27, and Rotary International; you are part of 1.4 million passionate individuals as well as over 46,000 clubs worldwide, leading change in our backyard and across the world. As a member of our Club, you are part of a dynamic community.
Club membership comes with
  • opportunities for leadership development such as reimbursement for any PRLS classes.
  • priority access to our special events.
  • an opportunity to request grants from our foundation.
  • a chance to propose service projects in which our community can participate.
  • a subscription to Rotary, Rotary International's monthly magazine.
Our Club has a long-standing history in "supporting healthy communities through strong friendship and active engagement."
The Board postponed the issuance of dues invoices until August 2022 in order for this increase to be formally presented to the membership in July 2022. Upon receipt of your invoice, please follow the instructions shown. You may also pay your dues online.
Questions about the dues increase and membership benefits should be directed to the Club's Executives and Directors.