Posted by Dora Dye
Don Bowcutt, Dora Dye, Anita Stangl, Ann Daugherty, and David DyeAnita Stangl, our 2006-2007 Club President, remains very active in our Club and recently invited a small group of Rotarians to her home for a home cooked meal. As one of the lucky guests, I can absolutely say that "Anita can cook". The menu included marinated chicken, homemade potato salad, homemade coleslaw, warm bread, an eggplant dish, lots of wine, and berries and cream for dessert. Everything was delicious!
Before dinner, we enjoyed wine, cheese, and crackers as well as great conversation. I learned that Ann Daugherty had received a Rotary scholarship to sing in Australia when she was in high school. 2016-2017 Club President David Dye shared that his grandfather, William Earle Dye, had been a Rotarian and was club secretary in 1924. Don Bowcutt from the Rotary Club of South San Francisco was also present and shared many great stories of his life.

The entire evening was a delight. Thank you, Anita, for hosting and cooking!