Posted by Dora Dye on Jan 06, 2021
Laine Hendricks
On Tuesday, January 5, 2021, Mary Bates (2020-21 District 5150 Governor), along with Past District Governor Chris Gallagher (Chair of the Nominating Committee for the next District 5150 Governor Nominee Designate), announced to our Club that our own Laine Hendricks had been unanimously selected to serve as District 5150 Governor in 2023-2024. Laine served as our Club's President in 2014-15 while Chris Gallagher served as District 5150 Governor in the same Rotary year. Said PDG Chris, "I know what she can do. Laine will make an excellent District Governor."
A Celebration with Rotary Royalty
In addition to Terry Pickering (PDG from District 5030), DG Mary, and PDG Chris, the following Past District Governors from District 5150 were present to celebrate the selection of Laine:
Peter Lagarias, 2001-02
Holly Axtell, 2005-06
Riki Intner, 2009-10
Robert Intner, 2012-13
Eric Schmautz, 2013-14
Jeri Fujimoto, 2016-17
Jayne Hulbert, 2018-19
Sue Rokaw, 2019-20
and the following incoming Governors were also present:
Danielle Lallement, 2021-22
Gary Chow, 2022-23.
A Bit of History
Laine joins a long list of Rotarians from our Club who went on to become District Governor:
Henry J. "Bru" Brunnier, 1915-16
Paul Rieger, 1923-24
Almon E. Roth, 1927-28
Charles L. Wheeler, 1937-38
Roy N. Dreiman, 1941-42
Prentiss A. Rowe, 1944-45
Herbert S. Shuey, 1949-50
E. Wick Stephens, 1955-56
Francis E. Whitmer, 1960-61
Stanley E. McCaffrey, 1964-65
Robert R. Rockwell, 1981-82
William B. Sturgeon, 1989-90
Peter C. Lagarias, 2001-02
William Koefoed, 2010-11
Eric Schmautz, 2013-14.
When Laine becomes District Governor in 2023-24, she will be the first woman from our Club to do so.
Additional Governors in our Club
Our Club is also honored to have among its members Past District Governors who had served as District Governor prior to joining our Club. They are:
Phyllis Nusz, 2001-02 in Rotary District 5220
Donna-Lee Rubin, 2001-02 in Rotary District 7930
Terry Pickering, 2015-16 in Rotary District 5030
Sue Rokaw, 2019-20 in Rotary District 5150.
Congratulations, Laine!
The Rotary Club of San Francisco and the entire District 5150 are so proud of Laine. What a grand way to start 2021!
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Rotary District 5150 District Conference Program