Posted by Terry Pickering on Apr 30, 2021
Twelve Rotary Club of San Francisco members participated in our April 29 social event - Family Feud! We had two teams, women vs. men, competing for a cash prize of $1,000 to support a charity of their choice. The house was packed with friends and family cheering for their favorite team!

Laine Hendricks' composure and touch of humor made for an awesome emcee! Mary Liu was the perfect game show host personality! Quick wit and a perpetual smile served her well!
Team Food for Thought consisted of Emily Borland, Nancy, Graydon, Margaret Miley, Karen Sommerich, and Sally Swanson; their creativity (wearing a buffet of hats), team spirit and banter (always at the perfect moment) brought great energy and joy to the evening. And, as hard work always pays off, they won the $1,000 cash award to support the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank. Congratulations!

Team ROTARY (in Greek alphabet letters) consisted of Ed Shenkan, Brian Lan, Dan Davies, Csongor Czezar, and AndrĂ©s Vera; true to fraternity brothers' behavior, they were in rare form. Wearing togas, styling shades, and wild hair set the tone. (And we were not fooled by their stage entrance wearing preppy polo shirts.) Theme song excerpts from the cello were the frosting! Team ROTARY competed to support RotaCare and Global Fund for Women. 

A last minute surprise awarded Team ROTARY $500 for their chosen charities. So at the end of the day, deserving beneficiaries will receive financial support from the Rotary Club of San Francisco. As we learned, every team was a winner!

Congratulations to all!