Posted by Dora Dye on Jan 03, 2022
Dan Joraanstad was born and raised in North Dakota and had an 18-year career in college textbook sales and publishing. He shifted from the publishing world to the financial world in 1996 and became a financial advisor. His 20 years in the industry concluded at Wells Fargo Advisors when he was named a director. The next chapter of his life (volunteering and traveling) beckoned, and Dan responded by retiring in 2016.
Dan met his husband, Bob Hermann, in 1988. Both feel incredibly fortunate to have rewarding careers, supportive family and friends over time, and now a large extended family in the world of Rotary. 
Dan joined our Club on January 15, 2008 and served as Vice President of Membership for several years. He joined the Board of the San Francisco Rotary Foundation (SFRF) in 2016. On July 1, 2020, he became the SFRF President. His goal has been to insure the working of the Club Board and the Foundation Board in the grant process. In the past two years, the process has worked well even in the midst of the challenges of COVID-19. Said Dan, "The pivot that the Foundation made with funding in the spring of 2020 was one of our proudest accomplishments as a Foundation Board. Rather than stopping projects, we changed lanes and devoted funds to Personal Protective Equipment in the face of the pandemic. We also created new ways of safely carrying out volunteer work during this difficult time with strong assistance from the VPs of Service."
Currently, there has been further collaboration between Club and Foundation by way of the 50-50 Campaign now in its second year. The 50-50 Campaign was initiated by Christopher Wiseman and embraced by SFRF President Dan. Results have exceeded expectations and for that, many thanks go to our generous members.
Editor's Note: In this column, we spotlight a current Board member of our Club's Foundation - the San Francisco Rotary Foundation (SFRF) so that you can learn more about this member and his role. If you have questions regarding SFRF or would like to attend the next meeting, please contact President Dan Joraanstad.