Posted by Dora Dye on Nov 24, 2021
Editor's Note:  Clifford Dochterman, Rotary International President 1992-1993, passed away on November 23, 2021. The following members of the Rotary Club of San Francisco shared their memory of Past RI President Dochterman.
Cliff was an outstanding Rotarian and man. He impressed me repeatedly. At my PETS, he gave the often replayed speech about doing things that put Rotary in the public eye rather than just giving checks to non-profits. Cliff's words inspired me to be involved with Rotary Meadow in San Francisco.
Harold Hoogasian 
President, 2001-2002
Rotary Club of San Francisco
  • Sad News - A Man above Men. Cliff Dochterman was president of everything I knew about. He led a bus tour while he was president of the Board of Regents of the University of California to Santa Cruz and said, "Let’s put the school here." And so it was, or should I say, it soon became a school built from nothing.  
  • Cliff was the most sought after Rotary Speaker and spoke before our Club many times. He liked to joke and would say when he was introduced, “That is the most recent introduction I have ever received.” His remark usually brought the house down. Cliff always used good humor to make points throughout all his talks.
  • I remember someone about five years ago calling out “popcorn for sale” in Moraga for the Moraga Rotary Club at a local fair. I recognized his unusual voice and poked my head in to see who it was, and, sure enough, there was the Past President of Rotary International, Cliff Dochterman, making and selling popcorn as a fundraiser for his Club. He smiled and said “Hi Jim” and "thanks" as I purchased my bag of popcorn for a dollar.
  • You will need cowboy boots and not just shoes to make up for his loss. Cliff was a leader for leaders.
Jim Patrick
President, 1984-1985
Rotary Club of San Francisco
Like many others, I’ve had opportunities to see Cliff Dochterman when he visited our Club or spoke at the District 5150 Assembly and at regional and international forums like the Big West Zone Institute and Rotary International conventions. The most personal connection I have is as a recipient of the Cliff Dochterman Award. This award was established in Cliff’s honor to recognize those who have given significant contributions to Rotary and Scouting. I treasure this award and have it hanging behind me in my office.
David Dye
President, 2016-2017
Rotary Club of San Francisco
Cliff Dochterman was a very dear friend and an inspiration to the world of Rotary. 
Phyllis Nusz
District Governor, 2001-2002
Rotary District 5220
Member of the Rotary Club of San Francisco since 2007
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