Posted by Stacey Poole on Jan 27, 2022
Rotary Club of San Francisco
The Board of Directors met on November 30, 2021 for the last Board meeting of the year. The meeting was called to order by President Mary Liu at 12 noon. The Board reviewed and approved the October 26, 2021 minutes with a couple of edits.  
The October 2021 financial statements were reviewed by Treasurer Gary Dales who reported that the Club is in good financial shape. Lower attendance at in-person meetings has reduced certain costs. Gary sent out reminders to members who have not yet paid their dues. 
Updates were given on the holiday party, the Annual Meeting and the Nominating Committee. Given Sunny Singh’s nomination to be President-elect Nominee, his position on the Board as VP of Vocational Service will need to be filled for the 2022-23 year.
The Board then voted on Rotarian of the Month for December 2021 (Peter Logan) and January 2022 (Dora Dye). It was decided that all Rotarians of the Month would be entered into a drawing to be awarded a Paul Harris Fellow.

The UPS Store at the Fairmont Hotel was no longer willing to accept the Club’s forwarded mail as a complimentary service. Given the inconvenient location of the mailbox, the Board agreed to move the mailbox to a location more convenient to several Board members who committed to picking up the mail. The Board approved moving the box to 1728 Ocean Avenue, #173, effective December 1, 2021. 
VP of Membership Nancy Graydon presented a new member, Carol W. Lustenader, who will join our Club as a corporate member through Roots of Peace.

The Board also reviewed and approved the new online grant application.

The Club meeting was adjourned at 12:48 PM
Rotary Service, Inc.
The Rotary Service, Inc. meeting was called to order by President Mary. The Board of Trustees reviewed and approved the October 26, 2021 minutes and October financial statements. The meeting was adjourned at 1:20 PM.
EDITOR'S NOTES: These highlights are from November 30, 2021 and were approved on January 25, 2022.