Posted by John Mathers on Aug 01, 2022
Climate Crisis and the Assisi Lifestyle: At the end of 2021, an in-depth study was done by the Kantar Group on concern and responses to the climate crisis. In the United States, 74% of respondents said they were concerned or very concerned about climate change. However, only 49% said they were willing to change their lifestyle to address the crisis. And when it comes down to specifics of what was “very important”: 32% said reducing energy consumption; 25% supported public transportation; 23% noted reducing travel by plane; and 18% identified reducing meat consumption.  
Clearly, there is the desire to address the issue but we (the developed economies) do not want to give up our lifestyle. Part of this is a function of education (what can we do and why), and part is simply inertia (we all have full agendas).  
Thus, the advent of the Assisi Global Climate Action Forum. Saint Francis of Assisi Umbria is a global spiritual inspiration for harmony and the love of natural beauty in all aspect of our lives on this Earth. His memory advocates for our environment, for service to humanity, and for equal opportunity for all living beings. His passion for humankind and our natural world leads us to commit to restore and protect a world where beauty is enjoyed, economic equity is available to all, and no being is threatened by climate extinction. The challenges of the present are an opportunity to take action for a common and better future. 
Event Overview
This event in Assisi will be held on 26 November, 2022 (18:00 – 20:00) and 27 November, 2022 (10:00 – 12:00) in order to span multiple time zones and attract multiple Rotary clubs and other groups. Three specific 2023 challenges will be offered to participants on the Saturday evening forum:
  1. Commit to specific action as an individual and as a club.
  2. Activate clubs to take action through mitigation, restoration, and advocacy projects.
  3. Publish the results of these actions to share with other clubs, and demonstrate Rotary’s power as “People of Action”.
For more information about the RCAT Network, visit For more information on the Assisi event, go to (website still under construction).
San Francisco Member Support:
We all see the issues with our climate, as well as the bad news coming from the UN and other agencies about the goals set in Paris in 2015. If you are interested in participating with the RCAT Network team in developing and putting on the Assisi event, whether here or in Italy, please contact me.