Posted by Timothy Hornbecker on Dec 08, 2022
Clifford Phillips joined our Club in April 2022. He is also a participant of The Arc San Francisco, an organization that our Club's Foundation supports. What makes Clifford's membership notable is that he is our first member with intellectual and developmental disabilities, adding his unique perspective to our activities and conversations. Like all Rotarians, Clifford decided to join Rotary to help others and support the community – something he already does everyday in The Arc community.

A native San Franciscan, Clifford grew up in the Bayview and Western Addition. He now lives in an apartment in the Haight Ashbury neighborhood. He is a lifelong volunteer and cares deeply about social justice. He is also a dynamic performer and public speaker and makes instant connections wherever he goes.
In spite of his natural charm, Clifford has experienced bullying and racism. "Neighborhood kids bullied me when I was young. Now, people on the streets still call me the 'N' word!" he says. Clifford’s commitment to ending racism and fighting for social justice led him to create and co-teach a Black History class at The Arc, so that more people can learn about the ongoing fight for freedom and equality. 
We’re delighted to welcome Clifford as a new member. Upon joining, he immediately became a greeter at the 2022 Emergency Services Day. Often accompanied by his mentor, Past President Tim Hornbecker, Clifford enjoys attending weekly meetings where he frequently serves as a greeter. He recently volunteered at a baby shower benefitting the participants of the Homeless Prenatal Program (another organization that our Club's Foundation supports). This year, Clifford was among a large group of Rotarians serving Thanksgiving lunch at The Arc.

Being able to give back is Clifford's greatest joy. "I am grateful and feel blessed to belong to Rotary. I want to do service with them like they did for me." exclaimed Clifford. All Rotarians need support from time to time – and all of us want to support others. Welcome to the Club, Clifford!