Posted by Christopher Wiseman on Jul 01, 2022
Dear Friend and Member,
Thank you for your commitment to the Rotary Club of San Francisco! We are on this journey together, and your contributions are invaluable to communities in San Francisco and around the world. The Rotary Club of San Francisco joins over 1.4 million passionate individuals as well as over 46,000 clubs worldwide. We are an international organization and a local community leader, leading change in our backyard and across the world.
As 2022-2023 Rotary International President Jennifer Jones said, “Imagine, a world that deserves our best, where we get up each day knowing that we can make a difference.” The 2022-2023 Rotary International theme, “Imagine Rotary,” encourages each of us to “adapt and retool,” which includes seeking opportunities, developing partnerships, and supporting our community in new and innovative ways.
As your 2022-2023 Club President, my personal goals for the year are to:
  • Empower the Membership - All of you!
  • Develop Club Leadership.
  • Enhance Member Engagement.
  • Grow our Community - Partnerships, New Members, and Collaborations.
  • Encourage Long-Lasting Friendships.
My personal journey brought me to the Rotary Club of San Francisco, and I hope that every member of our Club takes part in imagining Rotary, while celebrating our traditions, and leaving a long-lasting positive impact on the world. Together, anything is possible, and I thank you in trusting my abilities to lead our journey.
I look forward to getting to know all of you and hearing your ideas! Please reference the additional resources below to help guide your 2022-2023 Rotary journey. I hope to see you at my first meeting as President on July 12, 2022. Please register now for the July 12, 2022 meeting
Warmest regards,
Christopher Wiseman – Together, we can be our best!
2022-2023 President
Rotary Club of San Francisco
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