Posted by Margaret Miley and Dan Joraanstad on Aug 11, 2022
Our new Rotary 101 classes began this past Tuesday, August 9, 2022. Dan Joraanstad led the first meeting covering the nuts and bolts of being a new member:  online resources, the structure of Rotary, the primary officers on the Rotary Board, how to get involved as a Club leader, and last, how to propose a new project. A few long-term members joined the meeting to lend assistance as well as new members interested in getting a broad overview. The people who attended were Rachel Donovan, Jeff Yih, Ozan Yasavur, CJ Albano, Bob Hermann, Anita Stangl, Nancy Graydon, Maureen O'Shea, JT Forbus, Dan Joraanstad, and Margaret Miley. 
Don’t miss our next Rotary 101 meeting on September 13, 2022 when President Christopher Wiseman will speak on his plans for the year ahead. This series will typically follow our regular luncheon meeting at the Hotel Nikko once a month and last a brief 30 minutes. Session leaders will vary. Check our Club Calendar for information on future classes to be held on the second Tuesday of the next few months. Rotary 101 is available in person only, but if you're interested in reviewing the content of the meeting, Dan Joraanstad is happy to receive your phone call. Sign-up is encouraged but not required. Come as a drop-in if you are able. You’ll definitely learn something . . . and maybe meet some new Rotarians too! See you there!