Posted by Jane Mermelstein on Apr 02, 2020
The Rotary Club of San Francisco has been purchasing socks for the last few years and distributing them through organizations that our Club partners with who work with the homeless including: Homeless Prenatal Program, San Francisco Fire Department's Paramedics, Catholic Charities, and San Francisco Police Department. Why? Socks are one of the most requested items by homeless people. Our partner organizations have been enthusiastic about the donations, including the San Francisco Police Department who have noted that having socks can help build rapport with homeless people.
Our event with the San Francisco Police Department, scheduled for April 1st, was cancelled as we all are sheltering in place. We had planned to deliver socks, learn more about how the SFPD works with our unhoused neighbors, and then head out to dinner together. Our socks were still needed by the SFPD, and they picked them up and expressed their gratitude from a social and physical distance (a shout, a wave and a follow-up email). We'll reschedule the event with a sock delivery sometime in the future.