Posted by Dora Dye on Dec 02, 2022
This past Tuesday was Giving Tuesday, a movement to show generosity and support within our community and the world. On this day, I reflected on what it means to be a Rotarian and how I can support the activities and service projects in our Club. After the world returned to meeting in person again, I found that my jobs took more of my time. Many people did not return to work, and the labor shortage meant that I had to work lots of hours. That meant less time to be at Rotary events and service projects.
So I turned to giving more effort in serving as your editor and to donating more so that there would be funding to continue the projects that benefit our community. My husband, David, and I joined the Paul Harris Society. Recently, we were told that we have become Major Donors in Rotary. We see our dollars helping those in need. A great example is the recent Thanksgiving at The Arc San Francisco. On November 30, 2022, Barbara Streett wrote this thank you message:
"Thank you for your work last week to ensure that 100 of our participants enjoyed a meal with their friends and direct service providers at The Arc SF and that an additional 100 of our participants received a hot meal delivered to them in their home. Many of our participants are food insecure and/or experience social isolation, especially around the holidays, and this has become an event they look forward to each year. Our gratitude to the Rotary SF and your individual contribution is endless. I hope you and your loved ones had an enjoyable holiday, just like our participants were able to. The Arc SF looks forward to collaborating with you in the new year. 
Volunteer Manager"
This thank you message warmed my heart!
Thanksgiving at The Arc San Francisco 2022
There are many ways to help, both big and small. Our Club has the 50/50 Campaign. Ask any Board member how the EREY campaign works. Or volunteer to serve.
December 2022 is my 6th anniversary as a Rotarian and a member of this Club. Rotary has expanded my appreciation of sharing and taught me that we are all better together. I am grateful!