Posted by Mary Liu on Nov 29, 2023
In a remarkable display of community spirit, Rotarians from District 5150 and our Club (the second oldest Rotary Club in the world) rallied together for the San Francisco Walk to End Alzheimer’s on November 4, 2023. The event was graced by the presence of Past Rotary International President (PRIP) Jennifer Jones and her husband, Nick, who joined fellow walkers on this significant journey.
Undoubtedly, the highlight of the day was our Club's active involvement. Our members who participated donned our custom, bright neon yellow vests that became a symbol of our collective commitment and made us easily identifiable throughout the walk. A keen eye would spot me center stage proudly holding our Club's sign just behind PRIP Jennifer.
Participants had the choice of a one-mile route from Pier 29 to Fisherman's Wharf and back or extending their journey to the Ferry Building. Many of us chose the latter, concluding the walk at Harborview Restaurant, where we regrouped for a delightful dim sum lunch - an opportunity for camaraderie and connection.
The weather forecast leading up to the event predicted a wet Saturday, but the sun god smiled upon us. Beautiful blue skies and radiant sunshine accompanied our walk, creating an atmosphere of positivity and energy. Numerous vendors with their display tables shared valuable resources about Alzheimer's, while others graciously provided nutritious snacks and water bottles, ensuring walkers stayed energized and hydrated.

The high energy and positive vibes culminated in a resounding success, not only for our Club but also for the Alzheimer's Association. Exceeding my initial goal of $8,000, our Club collectively raised an impressive $8,967!
A heartfelt thank you goes out to members of our Club, their families, and friends who generously donated and/or walked to End Alzheimer's. The list of contributors is extensive, including The San Francisco Rotary Foundation, President Sunny Singh, President-elect Bob Hermann, Immediate Past President Christopher Wiseman, Mary Liu, Dan Joraanstad, Bill Gregory, Allan Herzog, Emily Borland, Daryn Borland-Wong, Frank Yoke, District 5150 Governor Laine Hendricks, Nancy Graydon, Peter Logan, Robert Beadle, Scott Plakun, Todd St Vrain, Bill Poppen, Alisha Marfatia, Ozan Yasavur, Merve Yasavur, Margaret Miley, Hana Xu Wang, Immediate Past President of the Rotary Club of Oakland Mary Geong, Elaine Hom, Jenny Bates, Jessica Liu, Eric Sleigh, and Phil Ye.

Other donors included: Namrata Berry, Beth and Dallas Roussel, Cynthia Hill, Doris Driscoll, Ida Francisco Stewart, Jane Aguilar, Kyle Helmick, Patty Bearth, Paula Quinones, Rosemary and Caleb Kraljev, Alison Healy, Barb and Paul Joraanstad, Ben Wong, Brad Chilcoat, Brett Bryant, Carlton Wyatt, David Laudon, E.T. Clagett, Ed Eishen, Eddie and Denise, Gail Sands, PDG Jayne Hulbert, Julia Ten Eyck, Karen Secor, Keith Hermann, Ken Cleaveland, Mark Joraanstad, Pam Sebastian, Patrick Hitchcock, Peter and Jared Drake, Philip Gara, Rich Walker, and Susan Latham.

Your unwavering support and dedication have made a significant impact, contributing to the fight against Alzheimer's. Each step taken and every dollar raised brings us closer to a future without this devastating disease. Let's celebrate this achievement and continue to make a difference in our community!