June 18, 2023

From the Club Blog
Partea for President Christopher
On Saturday, June 10, 2023, more than 60 Rotarians, family, and friends gathered for an afternoon tea to celebrate Christopher Wiseman's tenure as the 2022–2023 President of the Rotary Club of San Francisco. Hosted by Dan Joraanstad and Bob Hermann at their lovely home in San Francisco, the tea included sandwiches, scones with clotted cream, petit fours, and, of course, tea and other beverages. The ‘partea’ was catered by one of Christopher’s favorite San Francisco spots - Lovejoy’s Tea Room. (Attendees were encouraged to dine at Lovejoy's on their own; just ask for Celine.)

In addition to the tea and treats, everyone enjoyed a surprise performance by Dan Joraanstad and Rick Harrell. Dan played the piano while Rick sang three musical numbers including a favorite of Eric Sleigh and President Christopher - Fly Me to the Moon.
LUNCHEON MEETING HIGHLIGHTS June 13, 2023: Awards Ceremony - Honoring our Club Members
President Christopher Wiseman (Nonprofit Management | Glaucoma Research Foundation) called this meeting to order at 12:15 PM and welcomed those online and those attending in person at the Anzu Restaurant in the Hotel Nikko.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
We welcomed four Visiting Rotarians today. First was Bill Stumbaugh from the Club Rotario Bahía de Caráquez in Ecuador. Bill is originally from San Francisco, but life's many opportunities took him to Ecuador. Next was Werner Sattlegger from the Rotary Club of Klagenfurt-Lindwurm in Austria who visits our Club whenever he is in San Francisco; it was great to see Werner again. Scott Plakun (Management Consulting | The Plakun Group) introduced his guest - Rabbi Jay Miller visiting from the Rotary Club of Burlingame. Finally, Malinda Monterrosa from the Rotary Club of Los Angeles joined via Zoom.
Guests: Anita Stangl (Medical Services | Alliance for Smiles) introduced Club Member Kat Ebanks (Nonprofit Management), Kat's 6-month-old daughter, and Kat's mother-in-law Silvia Franceschini from Italy. Kat has been living in Italy. Mary Liu (Real Estate: Sales | JM Real Estate Group) introduced her guests: Ronald Bolden Jr. and Niko Kowell. Another guest today was Margarita Baxter Lozano.
Upcoming Events
ROTARY LUNCHEON June 20, 2023: Celebrating President Christopher Wiseman
It's time to thank President Christopher for a job well done at this traditional luncheon. Come and find out what President-Elect Nominee Bob Hermann has planned to help us forever remember President Christopher as we say THANK YOU at the last Luncheon Meeting of President Christopher's year as Club President.
CLUB SOCIAL June 30, 2023: Summer Friday Fiesta
Let's celebrate the start of summer and a new Rotary year with a summer Friday happy hour at Nopalito! We have reserved the outdoor parklet from 4:30 PM to 6 PM and will be doing a tequila/mezcal tasting for those age 21 or over. Happy hour bites and non-alcoholic beverage options will be provided as well for those under 21 or who prefer a "zero proof" celebration. This event is open to all Rotarians, their families, and guests. Attendance is capped at 20 people, so register early!
No Meeting on July 4, 2023
In honor of the Independence Day holiday, there is no Rotary Luncheon on July 4, 2023. Our first meeting for the Rotary year 2023-2024 will be held on Tuesday, July 11, 2023.
ROTARY LUNCHEON July 11, 2023: President Sunny Singh
In the first meeting of our Club's 2023-2024 year, incoming Club President Sunny Singh will introduce this year's Rotary International theme, Create Hope in the World, and what it means for our Club. President Sunny and the New Board will also share their plans for the new Rotary year.