Contact: Bob Hermann
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San Francisco
Rotary Terrace
310 Miller Avenue
South San Francisco, CA 94080
United States of America

Rotary Club of San Francisco logoOur Club will hold a Club Visioning event, where a diverse group of Club members will discuss what they think our Club should look like in the future including what we should be doing as a Club and how we see our membership evolving. Participation includes an informational Zoom Meeting on July 13 and the Visioning Event itself on July 20 at Rotary Terrace in South San Francisco. 

If you did not attend the Zoom Visioning Session, you are welcome to join us for Visioning II which will be in person at Rotary Terrace. To participate, please complete a visioning questionnaire that President Bob Hermann will provide after your registration.

Today, July 20, marks Part II of our Visioning Event, where Past District Governors Jeri Fujimoto and Ron Gin will lead us at Rotary Terrace in South San Francisco. Please bring your materials from the July 13 session and come prepared to collaborate on defining our Club Vision for the Rotary Club of San Francisco. This session offers a valuable opportunity to understand and contribute to our club's future direction.

A light breakfast, snacks, and beverages will be provided. Come and let your voices be heard.
If you have questions, please contact President Bob Hermann