Contact: Dora Dye
San Francisco
Bay Model
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Sausalito, CA 94965
United States of America

Calling all Rotary leaders and potential Rotary leaders! District 5150 presents its Introductory Potential Rotary Leaders Seminars (PRLS), the first course in a series of courses designed by Rotarians to teach Rotarians skills and techniques as they prepare to assume leadership roles in their Clubs.

The introductory PRLS program consists of six hours of classroom lecture and activities in one day split among five topics:

  • Fundamentals of Leadership
  • Leading a Meeting
  • “Rotary, Your Club and You!”
  • Effective Communication
  • Public Speaking Essentials.

These lectures broadly cover the desired skills our leaders should have to effectively plan, organize, manage, promote, present orally, and lead in any setting.

The training is in person. The cost is $50, and our Club will reimburse this cost to you after you have completed this course.

If any Rotarian has already completed this course and wishes a review or to take this course again as a refresher course, there is NO charge. Interactors may also attend at no charge. Rotaractors should contact their sponsoring Rotary club about reimbursement.

This is the registration link.  If you have questions, please contact Dora Dye