This page provides a complete selection of:
  • Logos for the Rotary Club of San Francisco
  • Rotary's Mark of Excellence, aka the Rotary Wheel
  • Logos for Rotary International
  • Other Rotary-approved logos
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Use club logos whenever possible rather than the more generic Rotary logos. Generic Rotary logos represent the entire Rotary world, not just our club.
Use full color logos whenever possible. Alternative colors are provided as an option for use when more contrast is needed to stand out from a dark background.
The minimum print size for the wheel in logos is 1/2". The minimum size for the Mark of Excellence is 2". The simplified variation is provided in when space is constrained, especially on digital media. The wheel in the simplified variation should never be larger than 1/2".
There must be clear space around logos. Standard logos must be surrounded by clear space equal to the height of the capital "R" in the word Rotary in that logo. Simplified logos require a distance equal to the height of the "o" in Rotary.
For precision printing, EPS files are available at the Rotary Brand Center ( - account required, accounts available to all Rotarians) or from our club Public Image chair.

Club Logos

Club logos are provided in both JPEG and PNG files:
  • JPEGs include a white background that is appropriate for white media, such as Word documents to be printed on white paper, white T-shirts, emails, some social media platforms. JPEG files are smaller than PNG files, and are more ubiquitous. Because they include a white background, JPEGs are only provided in full color.
  • PNGs include a transparent background that is appropriate for use on white backgrounds and with a broader range of colors, such as posters to be printed on color paper, navy blue hats, and most digital applications. PNG files are larger than JPEG files.
Use the standard club logo whenever possible. Use the tall logo only when space constraints require it.


Standard Simplified Tall Simplified Tall


Standard Simplified Tall Simplified Tall
Full color
Not approved
Not approved
Not approved
Not approved
White with gold
Not approved
Not approved

San Francisco Rotary Foundation Logos



Rotary International Logos

Only PNGs are provided for RI logos.

Rotary Mark of Excellence

Use the Mark of Excellence (aka the Rotary Wheel) sparingly, to make a strong impact. A club logo must appear somewhere near the Mark of Excellence. When used, the Mark of Excellence must be at least four times the size of the wheel in the nearby club logo. It can go on the front of a podium with the club logo displayed on a screen behind the speaker. It can go on the front of a brochure with the club logo on the back. A t-shirt might have a club logo on the front and the Mark of Excellence on the back.
  • The minimum print size of the Mark of Excellence is 2".
  • Use the gold version if at all possible.
Gold Black Azure White


Full color Black Azure White with gold White
Not approved
Not approved
Not approved

Miscellaneous Logos