Corporate Membership
The Corporate Membership Program allows an interested corporation to become a member of the Rotary Club of San Francisco (hereafter the Club), through an established membership approval process, and to appoint up to five Designees as individual members. These five individuals will be members of the Club who attend meetings, work on projects, serve as Club officers and on Club committees, and participate in other Club activities.
  1. Approval. A corporation can become an eligible Corporate Member (hereafter CM) of the Rotary Club of San Francisco through an approval process established by the Club. This consists among other considerations of having a sponsor, completing the Corporate Membership application, and gaining approval of the application from the Board of the Club.
  2. Designees. Once an entity becomes an eligible CM, it may appoint up to five persons to be its Designees. All are to be full-time employees of the CM. One person will be appointed by their corporation as leader, or if desired, two people could be termed Co-Leader. Only one vote may be cast in elections and that privilege is assigned to the Leader. All Designees need to complete the individual application and gain approval of the Board.
  3. Changing Designees. The CM may change any of its Designees once every year, on or around July 1, the beginning of the Club’s fiscal year.
  4. Inductions. A CM Designee will be formally inducted into the Club in a way similar to that of an individual joining the Club. It is important for recognition purposes that at least two of your Designees appear on this occasion. If possible, all five Designees should attend, but we understand that some of the five may be added over time.
  5. Attendance. CMs are encouraged to attend as often as they can and to participate fully in the life of the Club in all ways. There is no required attendance. 
  6. Registration. Each Designee will be listed as an official member of the Club and will be noted in the roster that they are Designees of the named eligible corporation. Each Designee will have membership in Rotary International and be entitled to attend Club meetings around the world. The dues paid annually include membership in the Rotary Club of San Francisco and also in Rotary International. 
  7. Votes and Quorum. For the purpose of general meetings and Club matters, Designee voting will be limited to only one Designee, usually the designated leader.
  8. Holding Office. Each Designee, as an individual, can hold any office in the Club, to which the Designee is elected in the normal way. Only one Designee can hold office on the Club Board at any time.
  9. Financial Obligations. The financial obligations of an eligible corporation include:
    • Club Dues: See current information about Corporate Dues here.
    • Meal Costs: The cost of any Corporate Designee attending a Tuesday luncheon meeting will be the responsibility of the individual attending, unless the Corporation has purchased lunch tickets in advance. The Corporation would be responsible to distribute such tickets to their Designees. There is no meal cost if a Designee does not attend a Tuesday meeting. 
    • The Rotary Foundation: All members of the Club are encouraged to make a contribution to the Rotary Foundation (TRF) annually and other charitable projects of the Club.
  10. Conversion. A Designee of a CM, while still an employee of the eligible corporation, may convert to an individual membership of the Club in the regular manner. The Club will also allow a Designee who has been a member, upon leaving the employ of the corporation, to convert his/her membership to an individual membership after completing the usual Membership application form and gaining approval of the Board to be a member in good standing. An individual may be a Designee of a CM or an individual member, but not both simultaneously.
  11. Bulletins, Newsletters, and Club Communications. All Designees of the corporation will receive the Club’s bulletin/newsletter and regular Club communications from the Club and from Rotary International. All Designees of the corporation will be listed on the Club’s database, If desired, the CM can request that the CEO or the Community Relations officer be also listed on the database so as to receive our regular communications. 
  12. Service Projects. We would like each Designee to participate in as many projects and social events of the Club as they can. Service Above Self will be the guiding creed for all Designees as it is for all members of Rotary. 
  13. Spousal Membership. Spousal discount is not available to CMs.
  14. Employees and Board Members Only. Corporate designees shall be comprised only of employees or Board members, not unrelated parties to a company. Unaffiliated members cannot group together to take advantage of the Corporate rate.
Effective October 30, 2018