Member Financial Expectations 2023-24


The only required cost of membership in the Rotary Club of San Francisco is dues.
  • Annual dues are $450 for members under 40 years old, $750 for members 40 and older.
  • Annual dues for a second person joining the Club from the same household are $262.50.

Luncheon Meetings

Attendance at our weekly luncheon meetings is not required, but we recommend that new members attend as many luncheon meetings as possible in order to better understand the club and meet fellow members. Most members attend at least one luncheon per month. Some members attend all of them.
  • There are 36 regular luncheon meetings each year. You only pay for luncheons that you attend.
  • Luncheon tickets are $45 up until 12 noon on the Friday prior to Tuesday’s meeting. After that time lunch price rises to $60. Prices are subject to change.

Holiday Luncheon and Annual Meeting

We encourage members to attend the Holiday Luncheon and Annual Meeting held each December. We elect incoming officers and board members, and vote on major questions such as changes to the Club’s bylaws. Cost is usually about $75 - $85.

Rotary Charities

All members are encouraged to be as generous as possible to the Club’s own San Francisco Rotary Foundation as well as to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International (TRF). Donations to both organizations are tax deductible and fund the work of Rotary. Most members give about $100 to each of them.
At a minimum all Rotarians are expected to meet the requirements of Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) by giving $25 to TRF.

Dues Prior to Induction 

Prior to induction you will be required to make payment of the first quarter’s dues, as an indication of your engagement with the Club. You will be introduced to the Treasurer of the Club to help make this happen.