Posted by Scott Plakun on Apr 13, 2023
On April 11, 2023, members of our Club gathered at the home of Betty Newman to celebrate Passover with a traditional evening Seder, the special meal in which family and friends gather to retell (often in Hebrew) the story of how the Jews had fled from slavery in Egypt approximately 3,400 years ago. Those who celebrate Passover share stories of past Seders and think about how the redemption of the Jews from slavery so many years ago obligates us to build a better world.
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At the table was a Seder plate with various items that symbolize different aspects of Passover. A roasted lamb shank bone represents the sacrifice of a lamb, a roasted egg represents the circle of life, bitter herbs represent the bitterness of slavery, and parsley represents the rebirth of spring.
Club Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Scott Plakun (Management Consulting | The Plakun Group) led the service, where everyone in attendance had a turn to read from the Haggadah, the book that includes a narrative of the story and the rituals around it. A delicious traditional kosher dinner followed.
Our Host Betty, a friend of President Christopher Wiseman (Nonprofit Management | Glaucoma Research Foundation), used to write a regular cooking column in the Jewish Bulletin. In addition to providing her beautiful home for the event, Betty cooked the matzo ball soup, braised beef brisket, roasted chicken, and prepared two desserts in her kosher kitchen. Scott made a traditional matzo kugel, roasted vegetables, and prepared another dessert. Lisa Christian (Development | Catholic Charities) and Ann Daugherty (Financial Services: Private Trading | IBN Financial Services) helped with room set-up and food prep.
As it was a Tuesday, President Christopher held a brief Rotary meeting and concluded with the award of a Paul Harris Fellowship to Betty.