March 6
   Karl Wustrack
March  8
   Jessica Hansen
March 11
   Frank Yoke
March 12
   JT Forbus, Darlene Wilson
March 13
   Niko Kowell
March 15
   Dan Joraanstad
March 25
   Carlos Valdes
March 28
   Andi Valo-Espina
March 29
   Michael Petricca, Jeff Yih
March 31
   Clifford Phillips
Note: This birthday list is based on membership information in ClubRunner. Please update your ClubRunner account to help us keep this information current. If you need help with ClubRunner, please contact our current newsletter editor.
1989: David Shen
2004: Tom Brunner, Greg Gutting
2010: Laine Hendricks
2015: Jianying Chen, JT Forbus, Melissa Galliani, Dagmar Schaefer-Gehrau
2016: Lisa Stark
2018: Christian Kuhn
2019: Christopher Wiseman
2020: Joseph Cresalia, Steven Lindstrom
2022: Wendy Shew, Ozan Yasavur
Note:  The year listed above is when these members joined the Rotary Club of San Francisco. Happy anniversary to all!