Posted by Terry Pickering on Sep 24, 2020
So many of us have enjoyed gathering for our Club's Sunday Socials; as we may all agree, one of the core essentials for Rotarians is fellowship. True to our nature, during COVID-19 protocols, we found and continued to create innovative ways to remain connected. And so, it is with great pleasure that I share with you a brand new monthly program series that the Membership Committee's Event Planning Team has created for us! Beginning October 28, we invite you to join fellow Rotarians and their children, guests, and of course, beloved pets, for a good old-fashioned Halloween costume party. This promises to be a "don't miss" event. There will be a prize for the best costume; our judges will be taking notes!  
In November we focus on entertainment possibilities as friends and family gather for the Thanksgiving holiday. "Anita's Kitchen" scheduled for November 18 will be chock full of ideas and tips guaranteed to make your event memorable! Down the road, be on the lookout for Peter Logan's "The Golden Age of Rock & Roll" program (to be posted soon on the Club Calendar)!

As we turn the page and post fond memories of Sunday Socials in our scrapbooks, there are several Rotarians I wish to recognize. Dan Joraanstad and Bob Hermann's vision for the socials began just after shelter-in-place measures were taken; their creativity, I think you will agree, is inspirational. We have Mary Liu to thank for her behind the scenes work as well as hosting periodic socials. Anita Stangl, Peter Logan and Cecile Chiquette kept the torch burning brightly, serving as social hosts through summer to now nearly fall. Truly amazing Rotarians!  

Keep an eye on the Club Calendar! We're looking forward to a very busy fall and seeing you very soon!