Posted by Lily Muldoon on Mar 31, 2021
Volunteering with Rotary can take you to unique places! For example, a small street tucked in the Mission has many small "maker" businesses - like the shop which did all the cutting and assembling of the gowns that Rotarians delivered to protect health workers. Covering the Bay Area from Pleasanton to San Mateo, and cities in between, the Rotary Club of San Francisco met the challenge of loading cars with over 2,250 gowns and distributing to welcoming hands across the Bay Area.
When discussions of funding became available, Luis Moran, Chair of the Finance Committee of the San Francisco Rotary Foundation, said “Can’t we do more with the PPE projects? We need to complete the work we started with COVID, so we can get back to normalcy.” We are getting there with your help, Rotarians!
Photos by:  Sam Haynor, Bob Hermann, Tim Hornbecker, Dan Joraanstad, Mary Liu, and Kim Phan